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At the Xavier’s Management Society our objective is the practical exploration of management theories by establishing a corporate worldly scenario. We encourage individuals to push their limits and break the monotone. Our members have the unique opportunity to go through Xavier’s most transformational experiences, by undergoing true personal and professional growth during their time at XMS.
We organize the following events throughout the year to explore and get one’s teeth into every aspect of management.

1. X-Genesis- is an event exclusively for the first years which gives them a platform to showcase their managerial abilities and skills.
2. X-Confero, X-Talk- is an inter-college that aids in the exploration of a manager's oratory talents.
3. Xavier’s Management Convention - helps in exploring the different aspects by building a business convention of multiple fields of management.


Being a part of the Xavier’s Management Society gives students a platform to interact with new people and grow professionally. Organising intercollege events and speaker sessions throughout the calendar year provides new ideas,insights , and vision to the working group. Through these events members get an opportunity to talk to corporate veterans, interview famous personalities, listen to renowned speakers and create a result that is bigger than the sum total of efforts put in by the group. Such meetings help us to interact with more people, increase our sense of purpose and boost our self confidence.



Let’s Connect! Creating a bond within the working members of the society while delivering quality work is an important motive of our society. We’ve established an organisational structure within our society for two reasons - one, to experience a real-life hierarchy system which allows us to function smoothly and two, to build an environment where students of all years can work together on a common goal and learn from each others’ mistakes and successes. In our implementation stage, we divide ourselves into well constituted purposeful groups or departments like Finance, Marketing, Planning, PR, editorial and Creative which are interdependent and mutually inclusive: this allows us to work with people from diverse backgrounds and build a connection beyond professional boundaries.